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Unrivaled Medicine God

NovelUnrivaled Medicine GodUnrivaled Medicine God
Chapter 2399 – Ten Billion Years as a Place to Cultivate! boat burly
They were not perceptible and materials like other guidelines. They existed, but tend to stop being handled whatsoever.
Yu Tanzhi’s number of inquiries was the key to this particular situation!
But he was confident that Ye Yuan was Saint Azure!
The group of volatile small children was dumbstruck with amazement from hearing.
Only then managed they are fully aware how formidable the traditional time myriad race powerhouses were definitely!
Only then have they do know how tragic the last Doomsday Battle was.
But he was certain that Ye Yuan was Saint Azure!
Everybody started their mouths broad, considering Ye Yuan in impact.
All over, arrived a range of cold air simply being drawn in looks.
About the s.p.a.cetime samsara of twenty billion decades as his own training ground.
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As long as he showed that Ye Yuan was not Saint Azure, all the things could possibly be talked about!
This assertion completely subverted their thoughts.
This affirmation completely subverted their creativity.
This was indisputable!
Unrivaled Medicine God
But his words indeed represented the inner-sounds on the unforeseen small children.
The time was far too far away, they had been simply can not think about, what kind of extreme agony the myriad competitions were living in in the past.
Only then does they understand how sturdy the traditional time myriad competition powerhouses were!
Currently, only he dared to speak up.
“This … How is that this potential?”
Section 2399: Fifteen Billion A long time as being a Spot to Cultivate!
On condition that he showed that Ye Yuan had not been Saint Azure, every thing might be reviewed!
“Lord Powerful Strategies, your phrases are too significantly, ideal? With no him, there won’t be us? These ideas seem really strange!” Pang Zhen stated within a solemn voice.
Unrivaled Medicine God
These kinds of suggests was simply inconceivable!
What perfect have Ye Yuan must become Saint Azure?
Ancestor Lightning’s manifestation was somewhat unpleasant, but he still nodded his brain and claimed, “When Senior Shang was at his primary, he could annihilate Deva Fifth Blights with one fingers! His s.p.a.cetime law already gotten to an inconceivable degree! If the ancestor doesn’t count on the power of rules, I’m not his go with at all!”
Five billion years ago, Ye Yuan’s grandfather’s grandfather was not even born however. How does Ye Yuan go and help them learn?
Obviously, he still did not believe it.

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